Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for tidy - dining room

Last week's dining table and bench got covered in heaps of paper - no place to put down a plate, no place to sit. 
Paper is - perhaps - my worst enemy clutterwise.  It has a tendency to pile up like the speed of lightning. 
There are magazines (I indulge myself to an interior design magazine now and then),
commersial mail (although we have a no commersials-sticker on our mailbox),
a few paper bills (most of my bills comes electronically),
and other mail /documents that need handling of some sort. 
It all piles up. 
Last week the table top was full of it. 
As well as the dining room bench. 
I've removed the paper (most of it to my bedroom).

I needed somewhere to keep small stuff like receipts and coins and stuff that pile up so I found these two white paper bags for coralling.

Before decluttering: Not possible to sit down on the dining room bench.

After: Not a piece of paper or clutter in sight:)

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  1. What a lovely space! You fabric choices really inspire!