Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Under attack

This is how the New Dawn roses look like now.
 But they've had a tough season so far. 

A couple of weeks ago every stem looked like this however; 
covered in green lice,
and bugs both white and black as well as maggots and ants.  

To get rid of it I first sprayed on soap, that took care of a lot of the bugs, but not all. 
Then I used the garden hose, first at a distance, 
but discovered the most effective way was to meticulously shower each leaf, front, back and in between. 
I've repeated this treatment quite a few times since and most of the bugs have vanished.

The first times of hosing I couldn't even bring myself to touch the stems or leaves, not even with gloves on.
Now I'm not so squeamish - When I go to check on the roses in the evenings, 
I just pull off any bugs with my fingers:)

The leaves look battered and bruised, half eaten and curly and somewhat discoloured. 
Hopefully these are symptoms that will pass, 
now that the bug attack is more under control. 

Last year's blooming


  1. Noe herk når lusa angriper, og deilig når man får bukt med dem:) Nydelige roser:)

  2. Oh no- do you know what causes this? How to prevent it from happening again? I hope you get those beautiful blooms again.