Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorting out the kitchen corner cabinet

This is the kitchen corner cabinet - I've cleared it all out.

Cause it looked like this. 

Filled with all kinds of stuff:
pots and pans,
and this and that,
stuff I didn't know I had
Stuff I couldn't remember what it was for

Got it all out on to the kitchen counter  to sort out.

Then getting it back again: the stack of pans needed to sit on an easy-to-get-spot

Started by putting back the electrical kitchen appliances: at the back the toaster, then almond grinder and electric beater, then the waffle maker underneath the egg boiler and behind that the hand blender.
Then a small department for water storage: 
hot or cold,
to go or to stay. 
Then, right in front of the door opening; the stack of pans. 

Underneath in the deepest corner of the bottom shelf I put a stack of Christmas cookie tins with not my favourite decor. But I'm not too bothered about it as long as they're kept hidden in the cabinet. Which they usually are as they are not much used. The question is then; do I really need them? 
And while trying to figure that out 
they might just as well sit 
in the deep end of the bottom shelf in the kitchen corner cabinet. 

On top of this stack was the perfect spot for an extra frying pan. 
And to the right a red heart shaped baking tin with a large colander in it that I like, but never use. 
I would have let it go, but as it turned out it's perfect for storing small baking tins and cookie cutters.
So it stays. 

You see how easy it is?
To make myself hold on to all these things?
No wonder the cabinets are all filled up.

By the door opening I've placed a salad spinner in a couple of baking bowls on top of a stack of baking tins. Cutting boards in all colours and sizes to the right. At the far back - the pot lids. 

If it could have stayed like this it would have been perfect. 
But there were more stuff to store. 

There's always some overlooked, forgotten items that ruin the good impression of organizing. 
In this case some spare cans and tins and some kitchen and baking utilities with odd shapes and some rolls of freezer bags, all of which I just sprinkled on top of or in between of what was already there. 

I didn't throw out a whole lot of stuff; some went to the garbage can and some to other storage spaces, but all in all it's pretty much the same stuff in the corner cabinet as before. 
The difference being it is SO much more neater, tidier, hopefully easier to get things out and  back in again without making a mess. 

I've probably bored the ... out of anyone who read this post, sorry if so,  
but I'm very happy about the sort out. 
And if ever I wonder what is in this cabinet I can just look it up in this post:)


  1. Suveren opprydding! Jeg liker så godt sånne innlegg, organisering i skuffer og skap står høyt på min prioriteringsliste.

  2. Så flink du har vært! Kan du komme å rydde i skapene på kjøkkenet her og? Hehe. Kan ikke åpne skapdørene uten at noe faller ut. Har nok altfor mye saker selv. Halvparten, om ikke mer, bruker jeg aldri. Får vel rydde en dag. I fremtiden. :)

    Klem Lene

  3. Jeg elsker organisering!!! Kult post ;)


  4. looks pretty rough.. we have to do this too because we're moving. Not looking forward to it tho'... :/