Monday, May 21, 2012

Working weather forecast

For the rest of this week the weather forecast predicts SUMMER. And for me that means WORK! I have a long list of to do's that requires good weather. First of all to finish painting our house. There's not much left, just some second coats: half a wall here and some window trims there. And a flower box. 
So really nothing much.

First of all I wanted to tackle the wall above the garage that's missing the last coat. 
But it's been a while since last I climbed a ladder, or walked on a roof. 
It took me some time before I got to the top of the ladder or on to the garage roof. 
My daughter wanted to try, she ran to the the top of the roof without hesitation. 
I still wasn't sure. 
Not until my neighbour said I ought to ask a man to do it and then voluntaired her husband to come help me,
did I pull myself together and get to the top of the roof :)
(Too bad there wasn't anyone to take my picture)
But still a bit rusty and nervous, I didn't manage to get on to the roof with the paint and brush in hand. 
I'll try again tomorrow!
(If my legs have stopped shaking by then)

My next job was a lot less nerve wrecking; planting a couple of million bells. 
And a lot faster. 
And instant improvement!

Before - last year's long since dead hanging flowers

Now - Million bells freshly planted

Mini petunias in the palest lilac

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