Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dressing the bedroom windows

A room with a view - at least from a certain angle

Our bedroom windows have been rather neglected  - ever since we moved in five years ago.
Not so anymore. 
Finally l've dressed them the way we want them. 
I've put up black roller blinds in the window frames. I chose black primarily because they show the least on the outside, I was a bit concerned that it would feel too dark in the room, but there are gaps between the blinds and window frame that let the light in. Always nice to be able to differ night from day.
Additionally we chose hanging curtains on the sides, in a thin, light fabric that prevent insight, but not daylight, during the day. 
These pictures are from my daughter's room, but the window dressing is the same, except for the banter, in the other bedroom.     

The wooden roman blinds were heavy and difficult to pull up, and the fastening mecanism was starting to falter.

Roller blinds and curtains are up, the walls are painted all white and the trim around the window, door and ceiling have gotten their second coat of white paint. 

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  1. Synes det ble beldig kult med svarte rullegardin, vår er slitt å falmet grå hvit!! Nå ble jeg super inspirert! Hvor fikk du tak i denne?