Monday, March 26, 2012

An abundance of Dahlias and a moss mission

Dahlias is one of my absolute favourite summer flowers, I love the big, rich flowers, and that they flower so willingly and plentiful. 
So today, we (really my daughter - I was just an assistant) planted five different kinds of Dahlia into six pots to spend some weeks in the living room window waiting for signs that they are growing. When the weather is warmer we'll replant them in bigger pots to keep out on the terrace. 
I really hope all them will grow, although at least one or two of the pot tubers looked a bit dubious. 
Fingers crossed. 

After the Dahlias were done, 
my eager gardener went on to remove moss in the lawn 
- it's going to be quite a project, the lawn is full of it!
It's not that we're looking for the perfect lawn,  but moss makes it almost impossible to mow, 
and my daughter doesn'l like the moss 'cause it makes her wet when she lies down on it!
So that's why we're on a mission to, if not remove altogheter, at least reduce the moss.  
Well, at least a keen start:)

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